“Alessandra Cecala is on a mission to save lives.” – Robin Kaminski, The Daily Item


” “Some people think that if you’re an organ donor and you are injured, doctors won’t try to save you, which is not the case,” she states. Such simple clarification often makes the difference as to whether or not an individual chooses to become a donor. Realizing the impact of knowledge, Alessandra continues to disseminate her own information to the community around her, hoping that her efforts will allow others to “Take Heart.” ” – Sarah Walkowicz, Westwood Press


The waiting list grows and nationally more than 105,000 people are in need of a life-saving organ transplant. On average 18 people a day die waiting for their donor organ. More lives could be saved with the increase of public education and through increasing enrollment in our Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. New England Organ Bank relies on individuals like Alessandra who are committed to this mission. In fact, over the last four years Take Heart Inc. led by Alessandra has helped fill our New England wide Organ and Tissue Donor Registry and lives are being saved because of their efforts.” – Jennifer Cray, New England Organ Bank


We all know that too many people die each year without ever considering signing an organ donor card. Grieving families are faced with a difficult decision, if they are asked at all. Alessandra and Take Heart are in a unique position to raise awareness among teens and twenty-somethings with musical evenings interspersed with heartfelt messages. Once educated, a large percentage of this age group will sign organ donor cards. Alessandra’s [Take Heart] efforts have reached even my generation. I not only carry an organ donor designation on my license but recently signed up to be a bone marrow donor. All members of my immediate family; have expressed their commitment to organ donation.” – Nancy Gottlieb, Girl Scouts of America


” “I had a dream that I was sick in my house, sick, and no one else could help me. Then (my daughter Alessandra) came in with some of her friends and told me ‘We’ll help you.” And they went out and found me a heart,” he remembers. In a strange sense, Dominick’s dream unknowingly reflected reality.” – Hometown Weekly








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